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Key Features

  • Guardian 6100 Plus, CaptivATE & 800VA AC Source
  • Control AC Line Voltage & Frequency
  • G6100 Plus Tests: AC, DC, IR, GB & LC
  • LC Tests: Earth, Enclosure, Patient & Patient Auxiliary
  • 1 Patient Connection
  • Manual Multiple Patient Connections using Pause Function
  • LC Scanner: 20A Input Current Capability
  • Functional Run Testing
  • CaptivATE Automation Software
  • User Name/Password Protection
  • 3 Levels of Administrator-Controlled Access to the System
  • Barcode Scan Model & Serial Numbers
  • Create, Edit and Store Unlimited Test Sequences
  • Association of Test Sequences to Unique UUT Models or ID Numbers
  • Historical Data Querying Tools
  • Capture, Archive & Print Test Parameters, Results & Reports
  • Electronic Test Records


  • IEC 60601-1 Testing
  • Testing Mains Powered & Internally Powered Devices
  • Endoscope, Light Source Testing
  • Testing Medical Devices with B-Type Applied Parts

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Sentinel IIa - Medical System


The Sentinel IIa System provides fully automated Electrical Safety Testing to IEC60601-1.  Sentinel IIa saves time by scanning patient connections for leakage current without powering down the medical device.  The Sentinel IIa System can be configured to accommodate Class I, Class II, mains and Internally Powered medical devices with the following configurations:

  • Mains Power supply up to 800VA, 0~300Vac @ 15~1kHZ
  • Up to 1 B-Type Patient Connection

800VA programmable AC Source: Automatically provides the capability to perform earth (line), enclosure or patient leakage current measurements at different mains voltages and frequencies.

CaptivATE provides the Sentinel IIa System with the capability to: create test sequences, capture data, bar code scanning of device model and serial number, and automatic recall of test setup based upon model number. All test data is saved into a database for trending and analysis.

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Sentinel II: Medical Test System

G32: Isolation Transformer
G42: Barcode Scanner
RS232: Cable
USB to RS232: Adapter