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QuadTech offers a number of solutions to meet the demands of medical device testing. From a single medical device testing system to a complete medical device testing solution - QuadTech's Sentinel Systems are the answer.

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QuadTech Medical Systems

Sentinel I

The Sentinel I System provides fully automated Electrical Safety Testing to IEC60601-1. This system is ideal for testing medical products with one or no patient connections or low volume production where operators can manually change leads between different patient connections.

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Sentinel II

The Sentinel II System provides complete Electrical Safety Testing to IEC60601-1 in a fully automated fashion.

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Sentinel IIa

In addition to the features of the Sentinel II, the Sentinel IIa adds an 800VA programmable AC Source.

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Sentinel III

The Sentinel III System provides complete Electrical Safety Testing to IEC60601-1 and IEC 60601-2-49 (Multifunctional Patient Monitoring Equipment) in a fully automated fashion. The Sentinel III saves time by scanning patient connections for leakage current without powering down the device.

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